Who We Are

As an independent financial services firm, our values are everything and we have the ability to offer our client choices. Choices in products and services that fit them comfortably. Our values guide every client interaction, plan creation and personal recommendation that we offer. As a client of Bliss and Thompson Financial Services, you can expect service that reflects the following core values:

  • Integrity — Our personal and professional lives are guided by our fundamental belief in acting in our client’s best interest. Without it, nothing else matters.

  • Care — If nothing else — we care. About one another, our clients and our community. Genuine, authentic, and unrelenting care.

  • Transparency — We make it our business to ensure absolute transparency throughout our ongoing relationship.

  • Exemplary Service — Serving our client is our first priority, regardless of situation or financial resources.

  • Choice — Whether fee-based, transaction-based or subscription-based, we offer our clients the ability to choose what form of relationship best suits there needs both now and in the future.